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My aim is to keep you all dancing and motivated through this period of isolation. Anyone can join in so please tell all your friends and invite them to like my Pasgetti Dance Classes BourtonontheWater Facebook page and they can join in and dance along with us too. It is all completely free and just for fun to keep us all moving. Here’s the Facebook link:




So to all you dancing enthusiasts of any age here is the first challenge. 

  • This week I would like you to create a 1-2 minute dance routine in any style (contemporary, ballet, tap, hip hop, street dance, parkour, break dancing) in either a room in your house or outside in your garden or an open space (making sure you are practising social distancing of course.)
  • Dance to a piece of music of your choice (please make sure it is a clean edit eg. no swearing or I can’t post it). 
  • The theme of this first dance is ‘Freedom’.
  • You have 12 days to create this piece and then ask a member of your family to film you performing it. Deadline Friday 3rd April 2020.
  • When you have completed the task email the film to me at


I will email you back feedback and select 3 of them to be posted onto our Facebook page for everyone to see. (You don’t have to film and send them to me if you just want to create the dance and not be filmed.) It’s the taking part  that counts. 


Please email if you have any questions or want any advice.

Please make sure you warm up before you dance and cool down at the end.


Later in the week I will post some videos of some technique exercises and stretches that would be good for you to do weekly to keep those bodies flexible and strong. 


Remember to drink lots of water when you are dancing and be safe. Make sure you dance on a flat surface and dance either bare foot or in trainers so we don’t have any injuries.


Here is a dance for film I made, take a look below.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with and look forward to being inspired by your creativity. 


Have fun!


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